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Friday Night @ The Historic McFarland House-Celebrity Dinner with Daniel Stone

BOOK: “The Food Explorer”
Daniel Stone is a writer on environmental science, agriculture, and botany in Washington D.C. He writes for National Geographic, is a former White House correspondent for Newsweek, and teaches environmental policy at Johns Hopkins University. He is from Los Angeles, where he spent his youth in fields of peaches and strawberries. He now lives in Washington, D.C.
The Food Explorer is the story of David Fairchild, a late-19th-century food explorer traveling the world as a special agent of the American government. He visited more than fifty countries, all by boat, in search of foods that would enrich the American farmer and enchant the American eater.
His work came during a formative era. The golden age of travel, the Gilded Age, and the rise of industrial America. The cusp of the 20th century brought the ground-breaking innovation of telephones, electric light, and airplanes that could fly through the sky. Fairchild’s culinary ambition came as the United States was opening itself to the world with the bombast of imperialism. And through him, America transformed from a blank agricultural canvas to the most diverse food system ever created.
From writer Daniel Stone comes Fairchild’s story and the story of a nation newly emboldened to collect new things—most exciting among them, new foods. Fairchild was the first American foodie, the father of globalized agriculture, and, in an era of transformative inventors and political leaders, he was a culinary visionary whose country, because of his work, would never be the same.

Friday night @ The Historic McFarland House-Celebrity Dinner with Daniel Stone
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 Erin Sponaugle @ The Public Library-100 W. King Street

Website: www.erinsponaugle.com

Author Bio:
Erin Sponaugle is in her 15th year of teaching. She has been teaching 5th grade for 13 of those years at Tomahawk Intermediate School in Hedgesville, West Virginia. Erin is a graduate of Shepherd University, West Virginia University, and is a National Board Certified teacher. She is currently pursuing a doctorate in education. Her teaching practices have been recognized by Horace Mann, PBS Digital Innovators, and The Arch Coal Foundation. In 2014, Erin was named the West Virginia Teacher of the Year, an adventure that took her to schools and colleges across the state, as well as to the White House to meet the president. She has lived her entire life 90 minutes from the nation’s capital in Martinsburg, West Virginia.

In 2017, Erin founded Next Chapter Press as a means to begin writing and illustrating children’s books. Although not a trained artist, she has always enjoyed drawing as a pastime, using primarily colored pencil. The Adventures of Berkeley the Bear is her first children’s book. For more information about the author-illustrator, visit www.erinsponaugle.com.

Book Summary for The Adventures of Berkeley the Bear:
Berkeley is a black bear living in the Monongahela Forest with his Sugar Maple Friends. He is content to represent his beloved state of West Virginia from his forest home, until the day his favorite park rangers ask him to be the state travel bear. Berkeley learns to have confidence in his abilities as he tries new things traveling the Mountain State, introducing children to the most beautiful and historic places in West Virginia. His Sugar Maple Friends – each representing a state symbol and county in West Virginia – are there to support Berkeley each step of the way. An endearing storyline and full page illustrations instills the values of bravery, friendship, and self confidence in young readers.

The “real life” Berkeley the Bear is a puppet that traveled West Virginia and beyond during Erin’s tenure as West Virginia Teacher of the Year. He represents the state animal along with his fellow state symbol friends. He was introduced to students across the state via a livestream Internet lesson on Digital Learning Day 2014. Berkeley’s travels and current location were documented on a blog for students and on social media with the hashtag #wheresberkeley. The Adventures of Berkeley the Bear is the first in a series of books based on Erin’s (and Berkeley’s) travels in an effort to promote children’s literacy and state pride across West Virginia.


Gage Shepherd @ The BE-Hive-205 N. Queen Street

Gage is a student at Musselman High School. He is the second of four children and a lover of science and his cat Comet. Gage published his first children’s book, “The Adventures of Comet: Comet Blasts Off!” in July, 2014 at the age of 10. “Comet Dives Deep!” followed in 2015, and “Comet Rides West” was released in the fall of 2016. Hot off the press is “Jurassic Journey,” a book requested by many of Gage’s readers.
Gage gives presentations on the value of reading and writing to school students all over the eastern United States. Gage is currently teaming with illustrator Melissa Bailey on the beginning stages of the fifth book in the Comet series.


Peni Jo. Renner @ BBI Realty-123 S. Queen Street

Website is http://www.thepuritanchronicles.com/ .
Bio: Peni Jo Renner is the author of the multi-award-winning Puritan Chronicles trilogy. Her lifelong dream was to write historical fiction, and when she discovered some interesting facts about her own heritage, she chose to write about her ancestors in Colonial America. Originally from North Dakota, she has lived in Maryland since 1988 with her husband and cats. When she is not writing fiction, Peni Jo enjoys crocheting afghans spinning yarn.
Books info:
Puritan Witch: On a cold night in 1692, two young girls are caught up in the divining games of a slave woman—and then begin to act very strangely when the game goes wrong. Six months later, as news of the girls’ strange behavior becomes known, fear and suspicion overwhelm a nearby farming community, pitting neighbors against neighbors and turning friends into enemies. When Rebecca Eames makes one careless utterance during a verbal attack on her family, she is falsely accused of witchcraft. After her fate is decided by three magistrates, Rebecca must endure a prison sentence during which she and her fellow captives have no choice but to valiantly struggle to find humanity and camaraderie among dire conditions.
Letters to Kezia: It is 1693 in Hereford, Connecticut, when Mary Case, the spinster daughter of a Puritan minister, finds herself hopelessly smitten by the roguish thief Daniel Eames. Betrothed to a man she does not like or love, she is soon compelled to help Daniel escape from jail. Suddenly, she finds herself on the run, not only accused of being Daniel’s accomplice but also of murder. The fugitive pair soon finds solace-and a mutual attraction-among the escapee’s Algonquin friends until two men from Daniel’s dark past hunt them down. After Mary is captured and returned home to await trial, a tragedy takes the life of her younger sister, revealing a dark secret Mary’s father has kept for months. But just as Mary learns she is pregnant, she makes a horrifying discovery about Daniel that changes everything and prompts her to develop an unlikely bond with his mother, Rebecca, who soon saves Mary from a shocking fate.
Raid On Cochecho: Grace Hampton is a nine-year-old orphan in 1676 Cochecho, New Hampshire. Her predictably mundane life is turned upside down when she overhears plans for an attack on local Indians, and then immediately afterward, she meets Menane, a nine-year-old Pennacook boy who is also orphaned. When disaster strikes, the children’s lives are irrevocably meshed together. Thirteen years later, they reunite as adults. Grace has become an industrious cheesemonger while Menane has developed an honorable status as a warrior in his tribe. When Menane’s brother Kancamagus seeks revenge for the attack on their people, Menane risks his own life to save Grace from the inevitable siege.


Deborah Hammond @ Casa Visone- 120 N. Queen Street

BIOGRAPHY – Deborah E. Hammond, Author

Deborah E. Hammond is a cum laude graduate of Hood College, with a double major in history and political science. She holds a Master of Planning degree from the University of Virginia and the Certificate of Highest Merit from the WV Leadership Academy. Mrs. Hammond worked for thirty-one years in local government for the City of Wilmington, North Carolina and Berkeley County government. She retired in March of 2014 and has published sixteen novels since that time. She is currently working on three novels in various phases of development.
She has been a member of the Eastern Panhandle Home Consortium for seven years and has assisted the United Way of the Eastern Panhandle Finance Committee for three years; having been awarded the Campaign Volunteer of the Year Award for 2016-2017 for her efforts. She is currently the Vice President of the Travel Club of Berkeley County. Mrs. Hammond lives in Falling Waters, WV with her husband, Bill and has been a featured author at the WV Book and Chocolate Faire in Martinsburg for four years. Her books are available in kindle and paperback versions on Amazon.com and at local book signing events. Mrs. Hammond can be followed on Facebook and on her author page @dhammondbooks and Twitter @DeborahHammon18.


Roger Engle @ Uncle Joe Barbershop-124 S. Queen Street

Roger Engle, from Martinsburg, WV, is the author of two national, multi-award winning books. He is a retired educator of 30 years and served in the Army Reserve for six years. Roger stays active with book events, serves as president of the Board of Directors of Martinsburg-Berkeley County Parks & Recreation, is an active member of Main Street Martinsburg and Ward 2 Neighborhood Association. At St. Luke’s UM Church, he serves on the Staff-Parish Relations Committee. Roger has been married to his wife, Gula, for 49 years, is the father of two children, six grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. He enjoys gardening, travel, is a Master Judge for the Kansas City Barbeque Society…and of course, loves to write.

Stories from a Small Town: Remembering My Childhood in Hedgesville, West Virginia, is winner of The Independent Publisher 2013 Winner of the Bronze IPPY Award for Best Non-Fiction Book of the United States Mid-Atlantic Region and The Next Generation Indie 2013 Finalist Award for Best Non-Fiction Overall Book Design in the United States

Goodbye Mister Fifteen: A Memoir, has won The Next Generation Indie 2016 Award for Best Non-Fiction Book Cover in the United States, The Independent Publisher 2016 Winner of the Silver IPPY Award for Best Non-Fiction Book of the United States Mid-Atlantic Region and The Next Generation Indie 2016 Finalist Award for Best Non-Fiction Overall Book Design in the United States

Mr. Engle received, in June 2015, both a certificate of recognition and a legislative citation from the Senate of West Virginia and House of Delegates of the West Virginia Legislature, respectively. For both his first book, Stories from a Small Town: Remembering My Childhood in Hedgesville, West Virginia and sequel, Goodbye Mister Fifteen: A Memoir, Mr. Engle has received recognition from United States Senator, Joe Manchin, III, for his accomplishments and representing the State of West Virginia. In May 2016, he was awarded Hedgesville High School’s Outstanding Alumni of the Year.


Erin Mackey @ The BE-Hive-205 N. Queen Street

Erin Mackey is a passionate Children’s Book and Young Adult Author known for her engaging storylines, visually striking picture books, and highly relatable characters. Over the course of her writing career, she has authored “Laurel Hill: New Beginnings Book 1” and “The Sleeping Flower,” and several books are presently in the works, including Book 2 of the “Laurel Hill series”, “Flip at the Bat,” and “Gossamer Realm.”

When she doesn’t have a pen in hand, Erin works as a Systems Analyst with Wells Fargo. Formerly, she served as a nurse and obtained a B.S. degree (with honors) in Forensics, which is one of her many passions. During her free time, she loves spending quality time with her loved ones (especially her beautiful nieces and nephew who are the muses behind her numerous stories). Currently, Erin and her husband, Larry call Martinsburg, West Virginia home.
Laurel Hill is a book about six young Christian girls, and their joys and struggles through childhood. It begins showing five friends in a rural small town, introducing them to the reader. The story then brings in a sixth young girl, who is new to the town, and shows the relationship that develops between her and the five friends.
Throughout the manuscript, there are several main events that transpire – from solving a mystery of stolen bicycles, to celebrating the end of the school year at an amusement park, and even a few birthday parties. There are also some obstacles and issues that are brought to light, as the girls learn to deal with their trials by relying on God for wisdom and guidance – whether dealing with a bully, or overcoming the pain of losing a loved one, these characters display faith and love in their daily walks as young people.
These six main characters represent today’s young Christian girls, and clearly denotes their everyday walk through life, as they try to keep Christ as their focus. Each of the girls has a unique personality, as well as talents and passions that any young girl will clearly identify with.
A sleepy little flower waits beneath the Earth for the sun to wake her up. Every spring she’ll yawn and stretch and return to the sunshine once more. Through summer fun and the cool days of autumn, the sleepy flower grows and changes as she discovers the beauty of nature. When the air gets chilly and winter winds begin to blow, the sleepy flower will return to the warmth of the Earth and start all over again…

The journey of a flower through the seasons comes to life in full color in The Sleeping Flower. Filled with bright, colorful pictures and adorable characters, The Sleeping Flower is a sweet story of the beauty of nature and the joys of each season. Follow along with the sleepy little flower as she discovers the wonder of the world around her and grab your copy today!

Keywords: beauty, nature, children’s book, picture book, art, color, child, flower, seasons, joy, discover, fun


E. Randolph Underwood @ Bowles Rice Law Firm-101 S. Queen Street

E. Randolph Underwood is a native of Salem, West Virginia, and a retired civil engineer now living in Martinsburg with his wife Cathy. He began writing after retirement in 2014 and has since written and self-published five books which will be available during this year’s event.
His first book, Train Whistles and Other Distant Memories, contains memories of growing up in a small town in North Central West Virginia in the 1950’s and 1960’s. It was a time when people were not in such a hurry, when families and friends came together more often to enjoy the simple pleasures of life, and when fathers, grandfathers, uncles, and other men in the community took boys under their wings and taught them by example skills, principles, and small-town values that would prepare them for adult life.
The author’s next three books, Bones of Truth-Small Town Cold Case, Murder on the South Branch, and The Sweater, are a series of fictional mysteries featuring a young and talented state police detective, Roy Carroll, who with a small cadre of trusted colleagues must sort through a variety of motives, evidence, in-state and out-of-state suspects, and long-hidden secrets to determine the facts and those responsible for three unique and challenging murder cases in the central and eastern mountain areas of West Virginia.
The author’s most recent book, The Property, is mystery featuring Jane Farnsworth, a retired teacher with an interest in genealogy, and a retired small town police chief who combine their talents in sorting through old legends, ghost stories, historic records, and twisted family relationships to uncover the circumstances behind a mansion fire in 1930 that killed the parents of a woman who unexpectedly bequeathed a parcel of property to Jane’s husband, Charles. The story takes place near the fictional town of Floydville, West Virginia, the location of the author’s first mystery, Bones of Truth-Small Town Cold Case, and contains some familiar characters and landmarks from that novel.


Jodi Clark @ The Peppermill Restaurant-200 W. Burke Street

Jodi discovered her passion for literature at the young age of 12 and found writing poetry to be a creative outlet throughout her teen years, publishing numerous poems in various anthologies, such as Cherished Poems of the Western World. In 2017, she won a poetry contest through Realistic Poetry.

Her poetry evolved into short stories, and she later began writing for Around the Panhandle Magazine, as well as writing ehow articles online for Demand Studios. In 2008, Jodi published her first fiction novel and has published three more since then, which are all available online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes and other outlets.

Jodi is a native of Martinsburg and still lives here with her family. She holds a full-time job and is currently penning her fifth fiction novel.

Her books, reviews and other information are available at www.jodiclark.wordpress.com.
Bleeding Panther
Told from his wife’s point of view, this is the raw and uncensored story of seasoned U.S. Marine, Adam Koehley, who lives a glorious life on the beaches of Hawaii with her and their children children until his most recent deployment to Iraq sends him home a different man and drugs and alcohol take over. Therapy sessions unravel the truth to his wife and it changes their lives forever.
Mother Condemned
Single mother Lauri Felder’s only child, five year old Benny, is kidnapped and missing and assumed dead, and she is the accused. Undercover detective, Bruce, has been put on the case to uncover the truth by any means necessary, but things get complicated when he and Lauri fall for one another. Can she prove herself innocent and find her son? The truth changes everything.
There’s a new mob boss in Sicily. Francesca has earned and inherited her new position in a dark underworld where women have never belonged. With her old-fashioned upbringing, can she prove herself worthy of the Cosa Nostra’s respect?
Aiding Revenge
Shana Bradley has adored Governor Tatum since he took office. She schemes her way into a job as his aide and a place in his bed, but when he chooses his wife and children over her, she can’t accept it and vows revenge. From kidnapping and betrayal to murder, Shana always gets what she wants.


Elaine Breitenbach @ Patterson’s Drug Store-134 S. Queen Street

D. Jeremy Doraido is the pen name of Elaine Breitenbach. It was her dream when she purchased her first West Virginia vacation house in the winter of 1973 to have a retreat to write. In the early 2000 she relocated full time to The Woods. She is a Christian writer. With her R.E.A.D./Therapy Dog she has been active in the Eastern Panhandle in the library, schools, nursing homes and Hospice of the Panhandle. Merlin passed-on last summer, but it hasn’t stopped her from loving books. The mountains have been an inspiration.

She now has five books plus one she is working on. There are two series.

The first is general fiction – DREAM CATCHER. A story of a teen, David Fulton, in foster care who finds love and security after being thrown out of his home by his step-father and mother. A tragic accident leaves him an orphan. This book won second place in WV Writers Inc. competition.
The second is SANCTUARY sequel to Dream Catcher. David is hoping to be adopted by his foster-father Mark Whitehorse. Another boy by the name of Freddie comes to live with them for a short period of time. Freddie is deaf which proves to be a challenge for Mark. But not David who is learning sign.
The third (hot off the presses) is CHICKEN-IN-THE-KITCHEN FARM sequel to Dream Catcher. The family has grown. David is now Whitehorse. He has a father, Mark, and a new mother, who is pregnant. Then two little girls in desperate need because their mother is always ‘sick’, come to join them. Did I mention they live on a farm with therapy ponies and other animals? A therapy chicken?

The second series is adult in nature – WITH DARKNESS COME – BOOK OF THE PROTECTORATES #1 and
This is a saga concerning a young man, a golden eyed mutant, born during a viral outbreak that has gone pandemic. It could take place in our time. Book #1 Fearing the unknown, citizens have rioted against the government and scientists. Anarchy reigns. Then the Protectorate system of government, run by Healers is established. Aurelius is raised and hidden by the man known to him as Uncle. The old man, also known by the citizens as Wizard, teaches him his profession, a physician, an outlaw in the eyes of the public. One dreadful night, Body Hunters come for the aged scientist. A member of Assembly from Protectorate accompanies them. He executes Wizard and claims Aurelius for himself. Book #2 is a continuation. Jason Aurelius, as he is now called, is a respected Healer. After disciplining him with venom, his supervisor, Guardian Master Randolph, sends him on home calls with his dedicated, Enforcer Aaron. The two men are almost killed. While Jason Aurelius recovers, Assembly assigns him to work with the youth in his House of Healers. But Jason Aurelius considers it punishment duty for suspected drug abuse.
A TASTE OF VENOM – BOOK OF THE PROTECTORATES #3 This one should be ready late in 2018 or possibly the beginning of 2019. Jason Aurelius’ talents continue to amaze Assembly and annoy his supervisor Guardian Master Randolph. Even Jason Aurelius begins to wonder if being a pure virus mutant has given him a special gift when it comes to venom.


Laura Ellen Scott @ Berkeley Art Works-116 N. Queen Street

An author with Pandamoon Publishing, Laura Ellen Scott’s writing has been compared to the work of Tom Robbins, Kelly Link, Robert Altman, and David Lynch. A recovering Ohioan, she now divides her time between Northern Virginia and the West Virginia panhandle. She teaches at George Mason University. Website: https://www.lauraellenscott.com
The Mean Bone in Her Body Book 1 of The New Royal Mysteries
Jeaneane Lewis is a disturbed graduate student in a crime writing program who makes a grisly discovery: in the heart of the college/prison town of New Royal, Ohio, a military widow and her two small children lay dead in a frigid garden pond, watched over by a shivering, ex-cadaver dog named Daddy. But does Jeaneane know more than she’s willing to tell?
With the help of an ex-con named Crocus, the Professor Elizabeth Murgatroyd takes a closer look at the murders that have come to define New Royal, though first she must explore the twists and turns of Lewis’ grim past.

Crybaby Lane
Book 2 of The New Royal Mysteries

Sometimes the difference between trash and treasure is a matter of life and death.
Welcome back to New Royal, Ohio, where the last descendent of its founding family, ninety-seven-year-old Viola Horup, has been bludgeoned to death in her mansion on an icy December night, leaving behind boxes of treasure and garbage. Crocus Rowe, a punk ex-con alumna of the University’s Crime Writing Program, doesn’t believe that Viola’s murder is just a “robbery-gone-wrong,” and her theory is proven correct when she discovers the broken body of an estate agent in Viola’s cellar. Against the backdrop of a community obsessed with a mysterious game involving the sudden appearance of words and phrases scattered all over town, Crocus seeks answers in the dark history of New Royal where all roads lead to Crybaby Lane.
The Juliet
During Death Valley’s great wildflower bloom of 2005, retired cowboy actor Rigg Dexon gives a rootless woman named willie Judy a gift that will change her life forever: the deed to The Mystery House. The Mystery House is a century old shack thought to be the hiding place of The Juliet, an emerald with a history that reflects the dark side of the American Dream–one that is corrupt, bawdy, and half insane.


Bob O’Connor @ Habanero Mexican Grill-100 N. Queen Street

Bob O’Connor is a local author (Charles Town, WV) who has written twelve books on the American Civil War. He has been named Finalist four times in National Book Competition. He also recently received an award from the West Virginia Press Association for his columns that appear in the Martinsburg Journal. He writes both fiction and non-fiction.

His latest book is “Murphy Farm – A Refuge From Racism”. The non-fiction book is the history of a farm which is now part of Harpers Ferry National Historical Park. The property has both Civil War and Civil Rights history. The John Brown fort was located on the Murphy Farm from 1895-1910.

Other very popular books by O’Connor include Countdown to West Virginia Statehood, two books on a local man (Ward Hill Lamon) who was Abraham Lincoln’s bodyguard, his book on John Brown, his two Catesby books, The Centennial of Ranson, WV 1910-2010 and his book about James Hanger, the Civil War’s first amputee.
His website is www.boboconnorbooks.com


M.L. Crum @ BBI Realty-123 S. Queen Street

Author Biography:
Mary has lived a quiet, simple life. Born and raised in Frederick, Maryland, she lived in the same house for the first eighteen years. She went on to earn a Bachelors of Science and became a teacher. Mary has taught students for more than twenty years, during which time she furthered her education and obtained a Masters in Reading. Teaching remains a passion in her life, so much so, she always envisioned herself as only a teacher, until 2013.

That year divine inspiration stepped in, and reminded her of a forgotten passion – writing. Mary started writing again for the first time in years and the result is the novel, Irony of Time. Following its debut, book two, Hope with Stickers, was released in 2016. The final book in the series, Heart of Mine, was just released last year. She continues to lead that quiet life in Pennsylvania with her husband of twenty+ years and their two spirited children, all of which keeps life interesting.
Irony of Time Series: (not stand-alones)

Book One: Irony of Time
Miriam Duvall has fallen in love while living blissfully with amnesia until she is accidentally transported back in time right at the precipice of the most tragic event in her past. Now she has the chance to change everything, but the will of destiny may or may not bend. Her slap-the-face-of-destiny decisions could deliver her into heartbreaking sadness once again or finally set her free. Miriam’s opportunity for redemption comes in the form of a handsome, but mysterious, physicist named Dr. Ian Stone. His mind lives in a deep denial of his true feelings for Miriam until his heart wins out after he loses her somewhere back in time. Now he must fight for her love, but first he must find her in the past.

Book Two: Hope with Stickers
Hope Scott barely exists within the pain of being an unwanted daughter, wife and now mother, so she has completely closed off her heart. She was on her own destructive path if on one, rainy September day in 2003, she never met the time traveler, Miriam Duvall. But she did. There’s more to the story that was never told in book one, Irony of Time. Hope’s story is about how this chance meeting and brief friendship changes the course of her life, detouring her into a dangerous world to save her daughter. Within this unnatural world Hope meets the Novaks, a mysterious family of private investigators dwelling between evil and good. Fearing for her daughter’s life, Hope is forced to ask for help from the arrogant, brash cousin, Rylas Novak, who seems uncomfortably drawn to her for there is something about Hope that resonates deep within him. And there is something about Rylas that Hope desperately wants to hate, but just can’t.

Book Three: Heart of Mine
Heart of Mine is the finale in the Irony of Time series. Written into several parts, Lisa first takes the reader briefly back into book two, Hope with Stickers, through her eyes as an eight-year-old ghost thrust into a dangerous adult world. In the next two parts, the point of view shifts into an altered realm where Lisa and the main characters from book one and two are linked back together in a dramatic turn of events. Could it be, in this world, that the heart’s final wish will come true, even for the once departed?


Tom Howard @ Uncle Joe Barbershop-124 S. Queen Street

My name is Tom Howard, and I have been writing since I was ten years old. It all began with two-page detective stories inspired by a single thirty-second commercial. Little did I know what that inspiration would lead to. All throughout my young life I wrote stories spanning two to five pages, and upon entering high school, my style changed from detective to science fiction. I’ll admit, I loved Star Trek Voyager, and took much of my inspiration from that show as I could let my imagination soar, creating and destroying worlds as I saw fit, making anything happen. Yes, I still have those stories, no, they will never see a shelf, mainly because they need a lot of work. Years later, I met my wife and began writing my very first novel entitled “One Summer”, a tale of young love and heartbreak, filled with twists and turns to keep the reader hungry for more. That novel was followed by several other love stories and I eventually shifted back to the science fiction I loved so much – not the Star Trek kind – but definitely a niche I was comfortable with. The war between Heaven and Hell, angels and demons is something which has fascinated me for some time now. I wanted to create well rounded characters people could relate to in a story unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. I whole heartedly believe you’ll find that in Caged Light, as well as the rest of the Cage series.
Thanks to my father being in the Air Force, I grew up in quite a few places, finally settling in LaVale, Maryland where I attended middle and high school – GO BIG BLUE!! Currently, I hold an Associates of Applied Science degree in Occupational Therapy and work locally at a nursing home in Martinsburg. Between my job, wife, and two, soon to be three, children, finding time to write can be a challenge, but it’s one I’ll gladly take any day. There are three things which I am the most passionate about – God, family, and writing – and I try to incorporate the first two into the third as much as possible. Because I can honestly say, without God, I would not be where I am today. It was He who gave me the ability and passion to write. I do not have a literary degree, but I believe, if God wants you to do something, He will make it happen. What I do, and what I write, I always want to give Him the praise and glory.
You can find all my novels, upcoming events and works, reviews, and tips for writers on my site: www.mytomhowardbooks.com. Check it out sometime!
Caged Light is a hair-raising supernatural thriller portraying the battle between good and evil. In the beginning of the book, it’s the classic horror scene – a woman who looks like she’s been left for dead, running through the woods hoping to not be killed by the thing chasing her, and just when all looks lost, who should appear but our leading man, Detective Wyatt Cage to her rescue. However, that’s where the classic part ends, and the twist begins. Wyatt hasn’t always been the man he is in the story, he has a shady past in which he was a hitman working for the worst kind of crime lord possible. It was after Wyatt crossed the line one too many times, combined with the death of his brother, that he was given a second chance by the very cop who was out to arrest him. The only problem with trying to move on? His former life doesn’t want to let him leave, which becomes very apparent when he’s pulled into Michelle’s world from the very moment they meet.
Wyatt is tasked with trying to uncover the secret behind his new friend’s identity while at the same time keeping her out of the hands of his former boss. If that wasn’t bad enough, things begin to unfold as spiritual forces torment Michelle, making her question her sanity, and Wyatt question the validity of her claims…until his eyes are finally opened to the supernatural forces around him. Realizing there is more to Michelle than what meets the eye, Wyatt now has to protect her, and will have to put his life on the line to do so. It’s only when Michelle vanishes that Wyatt will completely understand two things – Michelle’s true identity, and an important insight into the man he is to become. However, in the battle between good and evil, the latter may just have the upper hand.


Michelle Files @ Latte Da Cupcakery-202 S. Queen Street-On the Town Square

Michelle N. Files was born and raised in wild, wonderful West Virginia. While her first passion is accounting, not long into adulthood, Michelle rediscovered her love of books and with it the joy and fulfillment of writing her own stories. After the sudden loss of her husband in 2013, she found healing and restoration in chronicling her own personal journey through grief and with it the calling to pen self-help and motivational non fiction. She spends her time combining her love of numbers and words by teaching accounting at local colleges and through her writing of both fictional and real life stories of life, love, and friendship, or as she puts it weaving tales of always and forever.
How I Learned to Shine Again: My Story of Loss, Grief, Healing, and Restoration
(Published October 2016)
Genre: Non Fiction/Memoir/Faith Based
Inside the pages of this book resides a piece of my heart. It’s a glimpse into my soul during the most traumatic and heartbreaking time of my life—the loss of my husband. This is my story of how through faith, family, friends, counseling, and writing I mustered the strength to crawl out of the dark cave of despair, washed away the pain, found healing, and unearthed a new life of joy, peace, and love. This is my journey through the wretched webs of grief, and it is my wish you will find comfort through my struggles. Most importantly, I hope you will find the courage in your heart to live fully, to love boldly, to shine brightly, and to never give up on your always and forever.
Acclaim: Once Upon a Book 2017 Nominee for Most Gripping Standalone Novel

Soul Survivor: The Hybrid Chronicles Book 1
(Published June 2013)
Genre: Fiction/Romance/Paranormal/Young Adult
Hailee Mai Hart is just a simple, normal girl. Or so she thought.
When she left her one-horse town for a college education in the big city, she never could’ve imagined what awaited her.
She’s quickly thrown into a world filled with angels, danger, and a curse…her curse. Come to find out, she’s not so simple after all. She’s actually the last of her kind, and the fate of the world rests on her shoulders. She has one chance to save Earth, and it all comes down to one choice: Light or Darkness. What is right and what is wrong is all a matter of perspective, which leaves her heart dangerously tangled. No matter which path she takes people will die, and that’s just not an option.
Will she be able to save everyone, or will she be the Soul Survivor?
: http://michellenfiles.com/


Galyleen Wentz @ Berkeley Art Works-116 N. Queen Street

Long before writing this book, Gayleen Wentz felt she had something to say. Nothing earth shaking but yet events that moms everywhere experience. She was raised in a small town in West Virginia. Her husband is a retired nurse anesthetist and they have three children and seven grandchildren. She worked outside the home for 8-1/2 years before starting to raise a family. She has attended her local church for around70 years, sings in her church choir and is vice president of her local United Methodist Women. She has been chairperson of the American Red Cross blood donor drive, held in her church, for 10 years. She and 7 lady friends meet twice monthly to fellowship together and play cards.
Her first priority has always been her family and for many years she was known by teachers and children at the local school. She babysat for teachers for several years and considered their “kids” her second family. This is her first attempt at writing and a lot of prayer went into this book. God has blessed her with this challenge to write.

Book Description
Every mother has numerous tasks she must tackle each day and multi-tasking is not always on the agenda. Inside the pages of this book, the reader will capture the happenings of the typical mom/wife during the course of a day, a week, and month. You will be put in her shoes as she travels this “journey” of life with her family as they encounter surprises, calamities, struggles and rewards. During all these, when nighttime comes and she can think back on the day’s events, she realizes it’s all been worthwhile. Hopefully, your travels with her will have made you feel this book was a joy to read.

“The Journey” (Xlibris – www.xlibris.com – publisher)
Website: www.thejourneybook.com


Michael “T” Myers @ The Public Library-100 W. King Street

Short Bio: In addition to being a children’s book author, Michael T. is a magician, minister, teacher, motivational speaker, emcee, poet and a WV auctioneer #1704! He was born and raised in the little town of Frog Hollow near Sharpsburg, Maryland and the Antietam Battlefield. Here Mom and Dad taught him the most important values of life; love God, love others and be a Positive Influence on everyone! He now lives in Falling Waters, WV with his lovely wife, Jeanette, who is also known as Dr. J.J.! A doctor of Naturopathy. Michael T. believes the most important thing to do each day is “Smile Big and Touch Lives!”
About my books: Michael T. writes in rhyming poetic form and finds it important to teach with each book! “Jelly Bean Soup and Grilled Candy Sandwiches” is about healthier eating! “Oh, Yes I Can!” is about all the careers and jobs children can dream to have and accomplish with the right training and attitude! “The Land of the 5 R’s: Reading, Riting, Rithmetic, Respect and Responsibility” is about learning and social behavior! “How Tall is God” is about all that God has created in this world and the Love He has and continues to show us!
Michael T. has 2 more books already written; “This Little Light” and “The P.E.A. (Picky Eaters of America)! He is willing to wait on his fabulous illustrator, Joe Santoro, who is a local art teacher and puppeteer, to provide his wonderful pictures for each book! Joe will join me often at the Book Faire to give his unique autograph!

Michael T’s first book, “Jelly Bean Soup and Grilled Candy Sandwiches” was motivated by his wife who is certified in applied clinical nutrition. She always encourages him to eat each meal smarter. With childhood obesity in the news, Michael T thought “Jelly Bean Soup and Grilled Candy Sandwiches” would be a fun project to help children learn a better way to eat and live healther. You can find a review of “Jelly Bean Soup and Grilled Candy Sandwiches” here.

Michael T’s second Book, “Oh, Yes I Can!” reflects his lifelong belief that each person has the ability to be anything, as long as they are willing to work hard, respect others, including God and always say “Oh, Yes I Can!” Please Enjoy.

Eddie Roy @ Bowles Rice Law Firm-101 S. Queen Street

Born in Baltimore, Md. in 1953, Eddie Roy has lived in Martinsburg, West Virginia since the late 1950’s. Roy writes fiction and has four novels and a collection of short stories as well as a book of humor and satire to this his credit to date. He is currently putting finishing touches on a second collection of short stories.
In 2016 Roy’s story ‘Tears in His Voice’ was a featured piece in the premier edition of Mountain Ink; a yearly literary journal devoted solely to the works of West Virginia authors.
As World War II nears its end, the once invincible German war machine is faltering. Berlin is in danger of falling under constant pounding by Allied forces. During a reconnaissance mission into Russia in preparation for an attack, a platoon of German soldiers discovers, and is nearly wiped out by the residents of a village deep in the Russian forest. The villagers not only fight back, but will not die. The soldiers capture one of the villagers, and return him to Berlin, where one of Hitler’s Generals develops a plan to insure the eternal survival of the Third Reich. By intertwining evil as old as time with the evil of a maniacal dictator bent on controlling the world, a plan is put into play to mount an offensive decades later on an unsuspecting world, to complete what the despot failed to accomplish in the second great war. This is the story of a small group of people, led by a former CIA agent and an aged Holocaust survivor who has made tracking Nazi war criminals his life’s work, coming together in an attempt to stop a rapidly spreading infection that threatens the entire human race. It’s a battle against old evil reborn in a new time. They find an ally in a young priest whose disappointment with the state of humanity has him doubting his faith. Theirs is a struggle fought not only with weapons, but with who they are, as individuals, and as a group.

CROSSBOW CAY descriptionOn a sweltering summer night, a black plane, flying dark, crashes on a small island off the coast of Georgia. Constable Delmont Grove, the island’s only law,(and the only one to witness the crash) undertakes an investigation into the origin and purpose of the clandestine flight. As events unfold, trouble comes to the island, in the form of the plane’s owner, determined to recover his property at any cost. The residents of the island face dangers that require them to depend on each other for protection, and even survival.

A narcotics detective with a talent for infiltrating drug cartels is recruited by the CIA to use his skills to work his way into a suspected terrorist cell targeting one of the country’s largest cities. Before undertaking the mission, a miniscule transmitter is implanted in his brain allowing The Agency to see through his eyes. Along with another CIA agent and an agent of Homeland Security he works his way into the heart of the terrorist cell where they find the threat is far worse than they could have imagined. A fast paced novel with a broad cast of characters, who come together as a team, and a family, to derail the terrorist’s plot, which would have devastating repercussions not only for The United States, but for the entire world, with plot twists till the end.


S. Marshall Wilson @ Uncle Joe Barbershop-124 S. Queen Street

Is the husband of a formidable woman and father of the mighty nine. He grew up in the southern United States and joined the Army as an Infantry Officer. He has lived in such exotic locales as Peru, where he served as a teacher among tribal people in the Amazon River basin;Iraq, where he was awarded the Bronze Star Medal for his service as a commander of Sappers;and Germany, where he served as a military spouse and general agitator.He prefers to live among and write about strong people who live purposefully and occasionally make mistakes.

All men have heard tales of Mathan son of Ardal, Mad Bear of the Western Dearth, but who can say if any are true?
One man knows.
For forty years, Tigue, Bard of Taermun, stumbled beside him, carried his burdens and fought his wars. He was there in Mathan’s youth. He was there at the end.
Pay heed then to the declaration of the bard for herein is no mere tale, but the faithful testimony of a scrupulous witness… and a legend of the truest sort.


Alison Melotti-Cormack @ Bank Books-145 S. Queen Street

About the Author
Alison Melotti-Cormack began writing as a young child living in her birthplace of Dunedin, New Zealand. She became a teacher after earning an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Otago University. She left New Zealand in her mid-twenties and travelled across Asia, Europe, and the U.K to Iran in 1977. She married and subsequently continued her travels in the Middle East with her husband. She settled in the USA in 1989 and has two adult children, Alex and Nick, and a very recent granddaughter, Inez. She continues to write non-fiction, fiction, and poetry. She is currently working on a second memoir tentatively entitled A Standing Place for the Feet and a novel that explores the theme of belonging through the experiences of multiple characters. She explores topics of belonging, home, grief, and the feminine in her work. Alison teaches reading in a local high school. She lives alone, but with good neighbors in Falling Waters, West Virginia.
Alison writes in partnership with Harriett Diller in particular and the Maryland Writers Guild in general and is the sole proprietor of Falling Waters Books.
You can learn more about Alison at www.alisonmelotticormack.com
About A Good Batch of Scones
Thirty-seven years after leaving New Zealand, Alison Melotti-Cormack returns to her roots and the small southern town of Oamaru to help her fiercely independent mother meet the end of her life with dignity. When she arrives she discovers that her mother, now frail and unsure of herself, is still able to cover her neediness with both pragmatism and humor. Alison also realizes that the barriers of long-held silences and secrets within her family are intact and not about to be crossed. In order to say goodbye to her mother she must learn again how to love her, and to re-examine what it means to be a good daughter.
Over the course of this very human journey, Alison comes to terms with her own and her mother’s choices through a lens that is both personally intimate and broadly universal. This is a story of grief, loss, love, and family relationships set against the foreground of small town New Zealand life and the broader background of world history in the second half of the twentieth century.


Joseph Moore @ DeFluri’s Fine Chocolates-130 N. Queen Street

“Maxwell, the Raindrop Who Wouldn’t Fall”
Maxwell does not want to simply fall like the other raindrops. He feels that, as a raindrop, he has little importance. He wants to be a bird, a rainbow or a flower.
Throughout the story, the grandfatherly cloud tries to gently assure Maxwell that rain is a part of everything that he wants to be, so it is important for him to simply be himself.
At the end of the story, all of the other raindrops have fallen and Maxwell sees a thirsty flower that was missed by the other raindrops. The flower will dry up without rain.
Maxwell then realizes his purpose. He is suddenly proud to be a raindrop. The story ends with him happily falling to save the flower.
“Maxwell the Raindrop: Am I Still Me?”
Yesterday Maxwell fell to save a thirsty flower. Now he experiences the water cycle as he turns into vapor, then a snowflake and eventually back into water. At each change he asks himself “how can I change and still be me?” At the end of the story, he meets a dandelion who goes through changes of her own and asks the same question.
“Am I Still Me?” is a story that celebrates growth and change.
A little about me:
I am from Pittsburgh, but have lived in Johnstown for years. I have two teenage daughters.
With both Maxwell books, I have visited many area schools, appeared on TV and radio. The stories have been performed live onstage by young people at the Arcadia Theatre and Community Arts Center as part of local youth acting classes. I have twice partnered with a local artist for a Guided Art Event that featured Maxwell being painted by young people as I read the book. A popular local weatherman reads both books to students on his school visits around the central PA region.


Linda Morris @ The HUB Suites-142 N. Queen Street


Linda G. Morris was born and raised in Baltimore, MD. She attended Baltimore City Public Schools, including Cherry Hill Elementary School #159, Garrison Jr. High School, and Edmondson High School. Linda graduated from Towson State University in 1969 with a B.S. in Sociology. After working as a Baltimore City Social Work Assistant, Linda left Baltimore to work for the Federal Government in the field of Equal Employment Opportunity. She started out in Richmond, VA, and spent most of her Federal career in the Washington, DC area. During her Federal tenure, she worked at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Patent and Trademark Office, and she retired as the EEO Complaints Branch Manager for the National Institutes of Health in 2003.
Linda began freelance writing in the mid-1970s, publishing a few articles that appeared in Essence and Baltimore magazines. She intended to make a living as a writer, but as will happen, life intervened demanding more practical plans. It wasn’t until after attending her 50th high school reunion in 2015 that she realized she still enjoyed sharing stories and observations. Linda began to write the story of a sweet childhood that was unaffected by considerations of race, only to find out that childhood did not exist. What she found was a far more compelling story that she laced with the memories of over 70 other first generation Cherry Hill children whom she located on Facebook and through word-of-mouth.
Linda now lives in Germantown, Maryland, a suburb of Washington, DC, and enjoys working for a Rockville, MD statistical research firm.
Linda G. Morris

“Before Opie lived in Mayberry, Beaver and Wally in Mayfield, and Betty, Bud and Kathy in Springfield, there were thousands of little Black children experiencing the same quality of life in Cherry Hill, a post-WWII planned suburban community containing a public housing project on a southeastern peninsula of Baltimore City.” This was the first planned community for African Americans in the country. This community spawned much talent including Montel Williams, TV personality; DeWayne Wickham, award-winning journalist and Dean of Morgan University’s School of Global Journalism and Communications; Billy Murphy, high-powered attorney representing the Freddie Gray family; Bishop Walter Scott Thomas, mega-church pastor; and Reverend Michael Braxton, father of TV’s Braxton Family.
The book examines the perfect storm that created the need and placed the community where it eventually landed, i.e. World War II, the New Deal Federal housing programs, and a segregated Baltimore City housing market that said to the political powers-that-be, “not in my back yard.” Cherry Hill was deemed to be “unsuitable for human habitation” and designed to be self-sufficient with all of its own economic and social institutions. This story chronicles a community of black children who excelled on standardized tests in new schools built just for them, some of whom had to be bussed to architecturally inferior white schools to satisfy legal dictates.
Bob Dylan immortalized Cherry Hill in his song, “The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll,” about a Cherry Hill resident who died in 1963, “at the hand of” a white southern Maryland socialite, as she worked as a server in Baltimore’s grand Emerson Hotel. This court case signaled that a change was about to come for Cherry Hill and African Americans all over the country. The E-book is currently available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million, and other digital outlets.


Lillian Frazer @ Flowers Unlimited-144 N. Queen Street

Bio: Lillian “Sissy Crone” Frazer

Lillian “Sissy Crone” Frazer is the youngest of seven children born and raised in the coal town of Minden in Fayette County, West Virginia. After college and marriage, Lillian moved from the area to follow work and dreams. The mountains and the coal towns claimed a special place in her heart and years later she re-visits those coal towns as she shares stories of an earlier life.

She lives with her family in Northern Virginia where she has a distant view of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Lillian has worked 20 plus years at a law firm in Washington, D.C.,10 years as a Virginia Realtor and continues to work in a private security business with family. In addition to Sissy’s latest book Wildflowers and Train Whistles: Stories of a Coal Mining Family, she has also written A Walk Through Minden: In the Lives of the Crone and Vegh Families.

Wildflowers and Train Whistles: Stories of a Coal Mining Family

Sissy Crone, a coal camp kid, brings to life the faded past of her hometown, Minden, West Virginia, through a collection of stories told firsthand of heartache and loss, balanced by glorious triumphs. Sissy brings us along as a companion through her early years in a childhood that could never exist in a modern world.

Wildflowers and Train Whistles is a book about an ordinary family that survives extraordinary challenges as a coal camp family living in hardscrabble times of the 1950’s. She and her six siblings color a dark, damp coal camp town with humorous antics and daring adventures to bring excitement to the hills near the New River Gorge.


Bill Lewers @ Boyds Steakhouse-109 N. Queen Street

The Gatekeepers of Democracy is the story of Carl and Cindy, two citizens with different political persuasions, temperaments, and priorities, who volunteer to serve on Election Day and find themselves thrown together as chief election officer and assistant chief at a precinct. Together through a grueling sixteen hour day, they battle malfunctioning equipment, implacable partisans, political dirty tricks, deteriorating weather, and most of all, each other as they strive to provide a positive voting experience for the citizens of their precinct. If you have ever served as an election officer, would consider serving, or are just interested in what happens at a precinct on Election Day, then this is the book for you.
This book is followed by November Third which delves even deeper into the election process. From the warehouse where the voting equipment is tested and readied, to the rough and tumble of campaigning, to a tension-filled day the polls, Carl and Cindy race against time to correct a “situation” that threatens the very integrity of the election.
These two novels comprise the “The Gatekeepers of Democracy” series which has been written to celebrate the unsung heroes of the American political process: The election officers.
Bill Lewers was raised on Long Island in the 1950s and has been a political junkie for as long as he can remember. He holds B.A. degrees from Rutgers (mathematics) and the University of Maryland (history) and a M.A.T. degree from Harvard (mathematics education). After teaching high school mathematics for a few years, he commenced a career as a computer professional with IBM. He lives in McLean, Virginia with his wife Mary.
Bill has served on Election Day in Fairfax County for over two decades and it is this service that has inspired the writing of The Gatekeepers of Democracy and November Third. In addition Bill has written two non-fiction titles Six Decades of Baseball: A Personal Narrative and A Voter’s Journey.


S.J. Brown @ All About Fabrics-248 N. Queen Street

S. J. Brown is a wildlife photographer, author. For over 15 years she has traveled extensively throughout the United States in pursuit of wildlife encounters. Much to the dismay of her spotter, and husband this often involves trekking through thick brush, muddy trails, rocky seas or secluded locations, but the interaction with wildlife makes it all worth it.
S. J. Brown’s photographs and written words are a way to share her experiences with others. Her book, Close ups and Close Encounters contains over 50 of her images and the stories behind getting those images. .
Her children’s books, All the Birds I See, Clancy’s Catnap, & Bennie the Butterfly feature actual pictures instead of illustrations.
S. J. Brown has also published 2 coloring books based on her images. Adults Gone Wild is for the adults and Wild Animals is designed with children in mind.
The time she spends with students and adults discussing photography, and wildlife hopefully inspires others to explore their creative side. She is always happy to chat about critters with others.
Facebook sj.brown.3367
Website www.sjbrown.50megs.com


David M. Melesky @ Boyds Steakhouse-109 N. Queen Street

David M. Melesky is the author of six books, four of which are a series of humorous fiction that have developed into mysteries. The title of these books are PRACTICE NOT PERFECT, ONE BAR TO ANOTHER, THE RELUCTANT LAWYER, and LEGAL FEES. Of his two non-fiction works, I REMEMBER BETHLEHEM is a lighthearted look back at the hometown of his youth, while in THE SHADOW of a TREE is the author’s own true story about overcoming obstacles, natural self healing, and recovery after a life threatening accident.
BIO: After working as a attorney who practiced law in several states for many years, David M. Melesky decided to change direction and pursue his love of writing. Along with his books, his author talks have entertained and inspired audiences in many states. To learn more visit www.dmmbooks.com

Dr. Richard L. Farley @ Bells & Bows-118 W. Martin Street

Attitudes of Great Leaders exposes the attitudes of some of Israel’s greatest leaders men who served a great king and produced great exploits while fulfilling their own destinies. You will see what attitudes governed their actions and how they dealt with their emotions and faced their own conflicts. See how a leader’s change of attitude can change the actions of his entire team.
This book breaks down the types and allegories written about David’s mighty men, showing what a leader needs around him to make him succeed. If is filled with personal stories and illustrations. The rights were also sold to India and Nigeria. It is currently being sold in 20 different nations.
God’s Standard Bearer is a book calling ministry and Christians back to the moral and ethical standard that God has set for us. Chapter after Chapter discusses God’s standard for leaders in ways that are interesting and easy to understand.
Bishop Rick Farley has an earned Doctor of Ministry, an honorary Doctor of Divinity. He has served in leadership for over 40 years. Having served as a District Bishop, Asst General Bishop over 300 churches, Plus Canada. A member of the board of regents for Messenger College, President of Hope Institute and is currently pastor of the Martinsburg Christian Center, Martinsburg WV.

Web site: www.martinsburgchristiancenter.com


Tracy McMechan @ The Peppermill Restaurant- 200 W. Burke Street

Author Bio:

Tracy Renee Wolfe is an author, lover of books, Christian, wife, mom,
animal lover, geek, and Hokie. She lives in her native state of Virginia
with her husband and son. She loves all furry animals, including rats, and
is known for stopping to pet any dog she encounters.

As a self-professed geek, she loves science fiction and fantasy and
fervently defends her belief that Star Trek and Star Wars are not mutually
exclusive fandoms. She considers herself to be an online extrovert and an
offline introvert, leading to her love of social media. Additionally, she
shares many interests with little kids, such as Disney movies, the opinion
that no food can be “too sweet”, and cheesy poetry that rhymes. An example
of the latter can be found in the poetry anthology, “Our Virginia: The
State For Lovers.” Her debut novel, “Abducted Hope,” is a new-adult, space
opera, from Filles Vertes Publishing.


Front Page

Book Summary:

When lonely college student Melissa Field is abducted and swept into an
out-of-this-world adventure, it’s nothing like she imagined. Her life
collides with Orion’s aboard a space station where Melissa is the captive
subject for Orion’s forced experiment to save his species.

Being the center of this life-changing study has its perks. Having
researched humans as a longtime hobby, Orion allows Melissa the comforts
of home; even if the pizza is cooked in a replicator. At least his touch
is warm and real enough.

As they discover the corrupt intentions of those in charge, their only
chance at joy and safety together exists away from the Phaeite leaders
known as the Ruling Class. But escaping brings short-lived freedom when
the Phaeites aren’t the only species intent on ruining their lives.

It will take more than reliable transportation and courage for Melissa to
span a galaxy and save her new family. Being abducted by aliens was
nothing compared to getting in the middle of an intergalactic war.

Free on Kindle Unlimited
E-book on Amazon.com
Paperback on FVpub.com


Stacy Einfalt @ BBI Realty-123 S. Queen Street

“The Horse That Looked Different”
The Brown family instantly fell in love with and welcomed Starlit, a spotted Appaloosa horse, to their farm. The family’s three chestnut Quarter horses, Max, Milo, and Monty, weren’t as easily willing to accept him because he looked different from them. Until one day when the four horses went on a wild adventure and got lost. They soon begin to realize Starlit’s unique qualities aren’t so bad after all.

“Be Buddies, Not Bullies”
The first day of school has arrived. B.B. and his friends are excited to see one another and learn new things from their teacher, Mr. Smart. What started out as a great day turns when their classmate, Willie Wolf, begins picking on a few of them. He soon finds out that being a bully isn’t so fun after all.

“Logan & The Lonesome Moose”
Logan is feeling sad, not able to make any friends at school. The other children would rather tease and pick on him for his speech delay rather than try to take the time to get to know him. Feelings change once Logan brings his new best friend in for Show and Tell.

“Go Team”
Bully Bear and his friend Evan are very excited to have been chosen to play on their school’s football team. Their friend Katie, who is bound to a wheelchair, is also thrilled to have been given the chance to be on the cheerleading squad. Some of their teammates feel that they do not deserve to be part of their teams and begin to tease and bully them. Their teammates soon learn that in order to be a part of a team you must get along with one another and work together in order to win!


Stacy Einfalt has always had a great interest in art. As a young girl she remembers sitting behind her father and watching him paint pictures. She was born and raised in Nazareth, Pennsylvania. She enjoys creating children’s stories that have a positive message, focusing on the issue of bullying. She is passionate about spreading her message through her stories to children because she saw what it was like for her brother growing up being bullied. She was one of seven women selected to receive the 2014 ABC 7 Tribute To Working Women Award, sponsored by WJLA News Station, out of Washington D.C. And Toyota, for all of the work she did in the community reading her first story to children at schools, Boys & Girls Clubs, etc. Stacy is currently living in Hagerstown, MD, with her husband Rich, their dog Holtz, and their lovable, but not so well behaved cats! She is looking forward to releasing her fifth book sometime in 2018.


Randall James Coyle @ Mugs & Muffins-220 N. Queen Street

Book: Restored by the Blood/The Came Grace

A Spellbinding Story of Spiritual Warfare
In this Sequel to “Then Came Grace” James Francis DeMoraino continues down his path to restoration. Incarcerated in a Georgia federal prison, he faces a multitude of challenges– physical, emotional, and spiritual. While his new found faith in the love and mercy of God is being tested, he is unaware that outside the prison walls, a small band of faithful supporters and spiritual warriors are waging a fierce battle on his behalf against the deadly forces of evil intent on destroying him and controlling the world. Restored by the Blood is an amazing story of the power of faith and the strength of love.
“Then Came Grace is an inspirational story of how one man, stripped of everything, finds the most important person for his life. We highly recommend you read this book. Each chapter keeps you in suspense and will change your life.” -Reverends Tom and Monica Cohee


Costen Young @ The Apollo Civic Threatre-128 E. Martin Street

Website: www.costenyoung.com
Author Bio:
As a precocious five-year-old, Costen helped Luke Skywalker and company take down the Death Star— in his young imagination anyway. Not long after that, he went on a fateful journey with a hobbit, a wizard and thirteen dwarves to separate a dragon from his ill-gotten hoard.
He went on to snare a degree in Communications from Shepherd University, and later returned to add another in accounting. Over the years, he’s worked as a machinist, an accountant, a news reporter and a little bit of everything in between.
Costen currently lives near Shepherdstown, WV with his wife Marla, three loyal (if demanding) cats and as yet unfulfilled plans for world domination.
You can find out more about Costen and the world of the Lanternlit by visiting http://costenyoung.com/ or by email at costenyoung@gmail.com
In the Witch’s Shadow
Lady Aeliraneth Ulberath, the most powerful witch of her era, had many names. To Cyrus, she’d only had one- Mother. The fires that had taken her life had long since burned themselves out. Now the only witch Cyrus wanted in his life was B’lantra, the physician’s apprentice he’d grown to love.
Cold memories were all that remained of Mother’s legacy- or so he thought.
After ten years, Aeliraneth’s killers have tracked him down. Cyrus and B’lantra will find few allies in a land where witches and their kin are hated and feared.
To save their future, Cyrus and B’lantra must enter the long shadow Aeliraneth has cast- before it covers everything in darkness.
In the Warlock’s Grasp
The walls surrounding the industrial city-state of Targus protect many secrets. It’s a place of splendor and of progress. It’s also a city in chaos.
In the streets above, a group of technologically advanced insurgents have brought the city to its knees. Below, the renegade warlock Simon Barros seeks to enact his dark plan for the salvation of the lands.
Here, amidst the cathedrals and trade halls, a reluctant scion battles the destiny forced upon him, while a ruthless witchhunter risks everything to save his stricken daughter. Here, in the twisted and narrow alleyways, a young physician fights for possession of her soul, and an arch-witch tries to manipulate events from beyond the grave.
Barros has bound their lives together, but is his path truly his own anymore? The events in the city of Targus will decide not only the warlock’s future, but the fate of all.