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Photo of Be-HIVE, LLC

What is BE-Hive, A Family Inspiration Place, Inc.?
A fun place to join with other families with young children. BE-Hive is exclusively for parents with their young children ages 0-13. Here you will enjoy games, musical performances, presentations, theater skits, storytelling, movies, puppet shows, and many other activities focused on one or more great life principles.

BE-Hive believes each of us is part of a larger piece or community. When we are threads in a beautiful tapestry, every single strand is important. Each thread adds to the beauty of the tapestry and strengthens the fabric. What you learn at BE-Hive lets you build your own family tapestry.

A Look Inside BE-Hive

A three-dimensional interactive “town” complete with a Bank where people make deposits in relationships; a Candy Store brimming with sweet inspirations, a Bakery serving cupcakes frosted with character, a BE-stro with “humble pie” And a market that offers lots of BE-Honey!

Book Nook
Filled with cozy furniture and lots of fun books to read and share.

Kid’s Corner
A special place filled with toys and even a trunk of dress-up clothes to entertain younger children.

The place where musical performances, puppet shows, movies, storytelling, magic acts, craft demonstrations, and much more take place. A calendar of these events is published monthly.

Game Room
Game nights are scheduled regularly where age appropriate games and activities for the whole family will keep everyone involved. Everything from Bean Bag and Ring Toss, golf putting, “Go Fish,” Checkers and Uno Nights, to the BE-Hive’s favorite and most yummy event; Cake Walks!


The BE-Hive’s mission is to help parents and their young children discover and implement their natural abilities to use positive principles every day to improve their lives, their children’s futures and their communities.