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CCAP Loaves and Fishes

Congregational Cooperative Action Project Contact: Judy Siddle
Work 336 South Queen St. Martisnburg WV 25401 US Work Phone: 304-263-3940 Work Phone: 304-267-2810


Photo of CCAP Loaves and Fishes

What are we?

We are the church visible in Berkeley County in cooperation with 40+ area churches. A 501c3 non-profit, charitable tax-exempt corporation. All volunteer supported and run. Housed by the grace of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church.

How is CCAP/L&F financed?

Gifts from member churches, grants from United Way and the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) # 85648, local food drives by scouts, churches, schools, businesses and other groups, USDA Surplus Food, donations from friends and local individuals.

Who receives assistance?

We serve people who live in Berkeley County. Most of our clients are unemployed or work for wages below the poverty level. They are individuals and families who have to decide between rent, food, medicine, and other costs of basic needs. Families should not be forced to choose one over the other. We aim to provide emergency assistance with basic needs. Loaves and Fishes has selected the 135% level of the Federal Poverty Guide as the income limit for food.

Ways that we help!

Food is our biggest category. We have twice as many food clients as all other types of help combined. Besides food, we also write financial vouchers. These vouchers are a promise to pay for an item or bill and are made payable to a landlord, utility company, pharmacy, dentist, or store. For clients who are eligible, vouchers could cover: rent to avoid eviction, water/sewer bill, medications, work shoes/clothes, transportation, dental emergency, cooking propane.
If you need food or a voucher, please call before your visit. Learn if you are eligible and what you will need to bring.

Business Hours

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