The Historic District covers about 52 blocks of downtown Martinsburg and consists primarily of commercial sites, retail, office buildings, warehouse, and storage facilities with a few small enclaves of residential buildings. Interested in renting? Or owning in the downtown district? The wonderful streets of Main Street Martinsburg boast a historic district and some on the National Register of Historic Places and many to rent and own.


Photo of 1902 Building

1902 Building

Contact: Ben Fogle
Property Address 201 N Queen Street Martinsburg WV 25401 USProperty Address 1st Floor Work Phone: (202) 549-5096 Website:

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Photo of Grove & Dall’Olio Building

Grove & Dall’Olio Building

Contact: Lisa Dall’Olio
Property Address 218 West King Street Martinsburg WV 25401 US Work Phone: 304-267-2120 Work Fax: 304-267-2884 Website: GDA
Photo of Shenandoah Hotel

Shenandoah Hotel

Property Address 100 West Martin Street Martinsburg WV 25401 US Work Phone: 304-596-2354